Jamie Fitzgerald is a world-class adventurer, motivational speaker and leadership development consultant, providing tools to inspire you to achieve more.

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Jamie Fitzgerald is a world-class adventurer,motivational speaker and leadership development consultant, providing tools to inspire you and your team to achieve more.

You'd be surprised at how similar trekking to the South Pole and running a successful business is. There's less chance of losing your toes to frost bite, but in the end it's about setting a high performance culture to achieve your objectives within your available resources. Jamie's leadership development and ‘performance-through-people' approach to his speaking, consulting and adventures has helped thousands of people to achieve more.

People are the lifeblood of any organisation, they can heavily influence the outcome of a business. Investing in them makes sense and this is where Inspiring Performance can help you. We love to push boundaries and we thrive on improving the performance of those around us.

Anecdotes from Jamie's land and water amphibious adventures are how he takes people on their own personal journey.  His business mind comes from owning a company, studying management, and managing a bank. His ambitious nature is evident in his 5,000km Trans-Atlantic Rowing Race world record and becoming the first Kiwi to reach the South Pole unsupported on foot. This unique mix means Jamie delivers results through inspirational stories, theory and practical examples.

One of Jamie's favourite campaigns, The Big Walk, included learning-based experiences for thousand of young kiwis. The campaign ended with participants discussing ways to combat New Zealand's negative youth statistics with Members of Parliament and business leaders for two days. The Big Walk reflects Jamie's professional principals - helping people realise their potential.

Translating strategic thinking and tactical planning into practical steps makes Jamie one of New Zealand's most booked motivational speakers. Working domestically and internationally with clients in change management, programme development, instructional design and strategy implementation means he is also a well sought after leadership development and management consultant and facilitator.

Inspiring Performances keynote speaking, facilitated workshops, leadership development and personal coaching translate theory into action steps that are inspirational and embedded with technique-based messages that change peoples' lives.

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