pioneering adventures in the modern age

My experiences to date have already shaped my attitude and approach to adventure. Including a pioneering spirit seemed like a perfect addition.

When TV One and Eyeworks approached us about First Crossings in 2012, it was a no brainer. Kevin Biggar and I had toughed it out across the Atlantic and the Antarctic, but these new journeys put a completely new set of obstacles in front of us.

Recreating our New Zealand pioneer treks was a fresh, exciting and different challenge. Taking on five of New Zealand's most dangerous first crossings we tramped, climbed, abseiled, tightrope walked, rowed, swam, skied, and shimmied on our behinds, in ways we had never thought possible.

There is certainly something special about adventures. And with pioneering journeys there are certainly no goal posts, instructions, or others to follow. Discovering uncharted territories brings unique opportunities for problem solving while creating new benchmarks of performance.

During season one and two we’ll race with the young Ed Hillary on a daring winter dash up Mt Tapuaenuku, search for sunken treasure with Kelly Tarlton below the Three Kings, slither through rock squeezes with Lambert and Kershaw as they explore the black depths of Harwood’s Hole, battle the rapids down the North Island’s Motu River in wooden boats just like Stan Thornburn and the Fisher brothers in 1920.

“Getting the chance to truly experience some of the same challenges that these trail blazing pioneers did – rather than simply reading a book and talking about it – has made the history feel so much more real for us. I hope people at home watching feel the same way”

Through each series, we pay homage to those who formed New Zealand's personality and identity, but also shape conversations in our homes about adventure in this modern age.

Fancy watching a series at home or reading about our adventure’s, click here.  We’ll be back mid 2014 on TV One with a new name IntrepidNZ.  During the series we'll relive intrepid pioneering journeys, experience incredible sights and stories while travelling through some of the most beautiful wilderness areas in New Zealand.

To look at some images from our journeys, or watch some ‘behind the scenes’ clips, click here.

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