Jamie Fitzgerald is a world-class adventurer, motivational speaker and leadership development consultant, providing tools that will inspire you to achieve more.


Inspiring people to achieve high performance outcomes through his own world experiences, Jamie gives you the right skills, knowledge and support to knock it out of the park.

52 days, 1,111kms, freezing temperatures, torn hamstrings, lost toe nails, attempting to sleep on rough ice and huge weight loss teaches you a thing or two - ruthless preparation and detailed plans, combined by passionate teamwork and sheer determination are just some of the tools needed in your kitbag.

Jamie knows how exhilarating it is to cross the finish line and thrives on helping others to do the same. As an external business coach he has the expertise to cheer and support you through your projects. Taking a design process approach to assessing your needs and goals, he will work with you to develop your professional advancement skill set.

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