Facilitation Examples

Guiding your people to align and engage with your company objectives, and empowering them to create their own strategies and actions is at the forefront of Jamie's facilitation and workshop designs.

It's about performance through people, developing the attitudes that lead to success.

Our work is based on proven methodology, yet designed specifically for your organisation and its needs. Whatever the size and type of your event, whether it's training 7,000 Rugby World Cup volunteers to individual tailor made modules like those below, we will design and deliver the right package to your team:

  • Making sense of the organisation strategy for staff
  • Reaching sales and service targets
  • Cultural development alignment
  • Branded customer service
  • Proving insight into outrageous (but achievable) goal setting
  • Creating high performing teams
  • Problem solving
  • Personal learning
  • Effective decision-making
  • Strategic thinking

Delivering the Kiwi Experience - Rugby World Cup 2011

When your brief calls for you to create a uniquely New Zealand Experience for an audience of 100,000+ by training paid and unpaid volunteers, where do you start?

That was the task undertaken by my team for training the men and women who worked at the frontline of the Rugby World Cup 2011. Our task was to design the content and approach to help the volunteers to understand their role in delivering the Kiwi experience to the huge domestic and international audience.

There were two basic strands to our approach. The first involved creating engaging training sessions and the transfer of knowledge. The second was to create, instil and maintain a culture of people determined to make the tournament a success.

I led the inspiring performance team in designing materials and agendas for training the trainers. Then I delivered over 70 leadership workshops inside a month at the height of our preparations.

It was a fantastic experience to be a part of and a privilege to work and meet with the volunteers who ensured that the RWC 2011 made New Zealand justifiably proud.
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