Design Process

The uniqueness of the journey matches the uniqueness of your people and your business.

Finding what you want your people to think, feel and do is how Inspiring Performance sets the objectives for your event. Tailoring the right messages ensures your audience is inspired by motivating examples and equipped with tools for success. Designing a package that is specific to your needs and your organisation ensures long-term and sustainable solutions, not just a quick fix.

Inspiring Performance takes a two-phase approach: The first phase is about discovering, designing and delivering. We need to make sure we fully understand your situation. By engaging and working with you we can ensure we have researched the relevant information, clarified your strategic priorities and have the big picture. During the design we will map out the programme including key deliverables, learning frameworks, tone and feel. Development occurs upon your confirmation.

Phase two is the delivery and debrief. A core principal of Inspiring Performance is to help people understand what they need to do to perform or communicate more effectively, and why. The delivery matches this in conjunction with your objectives, but we don't just deliver and disappear. We follow up with you to ensure your needs have been met and that the internal dialogue and behavioural change in your organisation is ongoing.

Rousing hundreds of youth to tramp 100km treks, milking cows and shearing sheep along the way, created an exciting catalyst for change in these young peoples lives. We bring the same goal setting, inspiration and attention to detail to your organisation.

Whether your quest is leadership, customer service, teamwork or training, we deliver, motivate and provoke ideas that bring about real success.

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