Motivational speaking examples

Investing in developing and motivating your team is a big commitment. Jamie's approach includes a thorough design process, tailoring messages and activities to your objectives, the type and size of your event, and ensuring your people leave more aligned to what you want them thinking, feeling, and doing.

In short, it's about you getting the very best value. Here are some example topics from recent presentations.

A TRIBE OF 4 MILLION - how influencing others can create incredible things

Rugby World Cup 2011 demonstrated that Kiwis could host a mega event, and showcase our country in a‘uniquely New Zealand’ way.

As the face of the Tournament, 7,000+ people were part of a group called
Team 2011 (largely volunteers). These committed, passionate hosts
supported domestic and international visitors throughout the country.

Jamie Fitzgerald managed the design and delivery of training to
volunteers, and applied world leading techniques to align the culture of
Team 2011 to the strategy. During the campaign, there were key
principles and stages Jamie applied, that are just as critical for
implementing strategy for any organisation.

Using examples from RWC 2011, you’ll be given entertaining stories, practical
advice, and ideas to applying these steps to your own strategy and

Outcomes from this session include

  • Generate, and promote, an engaging story (vision)
  • Find out their motives
  • Make it easy for followers to connect with you
  • Make it easy for followers to connect with each other
  • Realise that $ is not a core motive within the movement
  • Accept that attrition is your worst enemy
  • Track progress, and shout it from the roof tops!

Creating a vision for success

Understanding what success looks like is an important part of any goal or strategy, but how people and teams interpret the goal can affect whether the objectives are reached. Like the Cheshire Cat correctly said in Alice In Wonderland, "If you don't know where you're going, any road will take you there!".

For both leaders and team members, it's critical that we can each understand what success looks like, and our individual role is to make it happen. If this can happen across an entire, you'll become more agile, independent, and more likely to generate ideas to solve challenges more easily.

Outcomes of this session

  • Staff believing that they can achieve more than they currently believe (e.g. exceed their expectations and targets)
  • Managers understanding the benefits of a positive approach to leadership as opposed to focusing on ‘what's not working'
  • A high-impact start (or close) to the conference, where ambition to succeed and share ideas is encouraged
  • Inspiration from one of New Zealand's top keynote speakers and facilitators, who understands performance theory, and has proven he can achieve stretch goals.

The session includes:

  • Anecdotal examples (stories)
  • Frameworks related to my experience in business and adventure
  • Tips that could be easily applied by staff when they return home.

Creating and maintaining high performing teams

In almost all of Jamie's business and sporting campaigns, without a shared passion to succeed among the entire team, winning would never happen.

As an accredited profiler in various business tools (including the globally popular Team Management Systems tool), Jamie shares his experiences and tips for understanding team members, how to leverage the skills of individuals, and coping with our differences when under stress!

Together with Kevin Biggar - his expedition partner across the Atlantic and to he South Pole - Jamie has developed a series of keynote presentations and facilitated sessions that will inspire, entertain and help your team understand how individual responsibility will grow your collective results.

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