The success of any conference or facilitated workshops can only be measured by the commitments made, mindsets reached, and behaviours demonstrated afterwards.

This begins, however, with an engaging experience, with plenty of "Ah-ha" moments. Here are a few recent comments from clients. For further feedback related to your specific type of event, contact us and we'll provide you with references. 

Young Farmers  

I wanted to pass onto Jamie how inspired I was when he came and spoke at the Reunion in Gore last year. I was half way through my journey with weight watchers and his talk motivated me and I still refer to the points he made when I am speaking about my weight lose journey.

I got to goal weight in January this year after losing 63kg in 12 months. I have just become New Zealand Weight Watchers ‘Slimmer of the Year’ and I wanted to say thank to Jamie for his inspiration and talk that night as it helped me on my journey.

Federated Farmers  

Jamie was very professional. We were exceptionally impressed with his early contact to find out more about what we do, and also his arriving at the venue early to find out more about the day.

He also changed his presentation to establish a flow from what he had seen earlier in the day.  He was superb to deal with, and was certainly the right choice, especially for that difficult to fill after lunch slot.

Antartica New Zealand   Jamie, that talk was fantastic! You really hit all the marks and left a real buzz amongst staff. Thanks so much for your time, you were superb!

EECA   Thank you for delivering a terrific presentation. Your time and efforts to understand what we do and parallel this to your own adventuring experience was much appreciated and made it all the more compelling.

New Zealand Institue of Charterd Accountants  

You clearly thought long and hard about your presentation and that was evident on the day. I had many comments from delegates about your presentation and how inspired people were and what a fantastic speaker you are.

Content, delivery the whole lot it was professional. Thank you so much!

Federated Farmers  

Highlight of conference, absolute STAR!!

People kept referring back to his speech throughout conference. Awesome!


Jamie and Kevin were excellent. Many delegates commented they were the best conference speakers we had ever had.

They went to the extra effort of visiting some of our stores and taking pictures of their experience which were shared on the night.

They had clearly gone to a lot of effort to ensure their presentation met our brief. I would highly recommend them.

Australian Financial Publications   Audience feedback about the dinner was excellent – and it was great to meet you and hear your stories! Thank you for your time and for adding so much to the dinner!

    Thanks again for a great presentation, brilliantly aligned to project management principles. The Conference ended on a high note, thanks to your ability to understand the needs of the audience and your professionalism in presenting amazing adventures with humility and humour.

Waikato University   

Your presentation was amazing, awe inspiring, funny and thoughtful.

Thank you for including many of the conference themes into your presentation. Very well done.

Events Direct   Jamie was great. The audience loved it and he was the perfect choice for their group. I wouldn’t hesitate to use him again.


The best speaker I’ve heard! Jamie was perfect for a sports dinner because he wasn’t the usual rugby or netball player that had made it and wanted to say that ‘you can do it if you try’.

He was someone that had done something out of the ordinary and out of his own personal desire and want, something that really shows that if you put your mind to it, you can achieve it no matter what it was.

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