Inspirational world-class adventures have pushed my boundaries. It is this pioneering spirit that challenges your limits while teaching you the attitudes needed for success.

Adventures on both land and water, wet and frozen varieties, have provided me with truly amphibious and inspirational journeys.

Holding the World Record for rowing 5,000km in the Trans-Atlantic Rowing Race and becoming the first ever Kiwi to trek to the South Pole unsupported on foot, helps me bring my trailblazing attitude to others - stirring them to explore, discover and grow.

My most rewarding campaign to date, The Big Walk, inspired hundreds of Kiwi kids to see and experience 3,000kms of New Zealand's beautiful backyard. 100km learning based walks tested their toughness, challenged their beliefs, and most fulfilling of all, boosted their self-esteem. The crusade ended with participants, Ministers and CEOs spending two days discussing a plan to combat the country's negative youth statistics.

We are now filming the third season of First Crossings, a TV documentary series recreating New Zealand's historic pioneering journeys. This ticked all of my boxes. While the treks themselves proved daring, the settlers' stories are inspirational. From the terror of abseiling a 90 degree cliff face with nothing but a piece of rope, to the joy of seeing remote New Zealand's splendour, brings to life the physical, mental and rewarding challenges our gritty ancestors faced.

When theory comes to practice, these campaigns have helped me weed out what does and doesn't work. It is these unique insights that I now bring to my professional career. Insights that I am happy to share with confidence through my motivational speaking engagements, facilitation, coaching and leadership development.

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