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Feedback from recent events

"The process engaged our Board and Management like never before. Every layer of our organisation is now heading in the same direction. Thank you!"

‘Strategic leadership’ that will get you through your greatest challenges

You want leaders that create more leaders. Our emphasis on strategic leadership means there is reflection at an individual level, but also a connection to your purpose, goals, and plan for the future.

Using the proven Peak Performance theory, plus other globally applied frameworks, you’ll co-create a leadership model that’s directly tied to your organisation.

Leadership that is shared, and owned, by your key influencers.

If you have high performers heading in slightly different directions, or plenty of high-potentials that you don’t want to lose, let’s talk. We’ll help you link your L & D with strategy so that people development sits at the centre of your top-table.

Kick-start your strategic leadership journey now

After working with businesses in NZ and around the world, we’ve created plenty of practical tools that can link to the frameworks you’ve already got (e.g. Lominger, 9-box talent management, or Gallup). We’ve worked with others to build a bespoke framework linked to their purpose and strategy (but always based on proven theory).

If you want your organisation to be the best that it can be, contact us and we’ll work with you to make it happen.

Funding support available via Regional Business Partners

Your business might be eligible for up to $5,000 of funding to cover the costs of your strategy creation, through the Regional Business Partners network around New Zealand.

Inspiring Performance is a registered provider of strategy and leadership modules through the Network, and if your company has less than 100 staff, you could be eligible.

Note: To access support, you must first chat with your local Regional Business Partner. Get in touch by registering your business on the Regional Business Partners website. Or simply get in touch with us and we’ll help you through it.

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