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Three practical & actionable strategy-building steps

Available both virtually and face-to-face, you’ll co-create with your key people a clear strategy over three stages. Each stage involves a small amount of pre-work, a facilitated discussion (available via Zoom), and we’ll provide support with validation and implementation. Here’s an overview of the three steps.

1. Defining purpose & objectives

2. Converting purpose into a clear business model/s & plan

3. Creating your target operating model to make it happen.

You could be eligible for co-funding of these stages by your Regional Business Partner. Contact us to learn more and to chat about the complexity of your business and impacts from COVID-19.

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Feedback from recent events

“We achieved so much in just two days. This has been the tipping point for our business”

Helping organisations row in the same direction

We’ve worked alongside hundreds of  businesses and government agencies achieve more during good times and bad by better understanding their business and operating models, building future-focused business strategy, then how to implement it. There are some clear principles we see in those who are sustainable peak performers, and can help you embed these same things: 

  • Creation of customer-value at the heart of everything;
  • Co-creation of strategy from all levels of the business, not just a few at the top;
  • Practical tools and down-to-earth language that everyone can relate to;
  • Metrics & dashboards that demonstrate customer value & progress – not just how busy you are; and,
  • Breaking the strategy down into bite-sized bits and knowing knowing who’s responsible for what!

Feedback from recent events

"The process engaged our Board and Management like never before. Every layer of our organisation is now heading in the same direction. Thank you!"

A proven and practical methodology.

Peak Performance began when a group of international CEOs and experienced Academics (including our very own Dr. Mike Pratt) asked why some organisations experience sustainable growth, while others don’t. Pretty good question, really. Their findings (back then and also in subsequent editions)  have been globally recognised and applied by thousands of organisations. We believe there is nothing so practical as great theory. That’s why Peak Performance and its five stages sit at the heart of what we do.

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Feedback from recent events

"It's saved me months of introspection. I can now invest in a marketing programme with the confidence it will grow my business in the right direction"

Helping New Zealand exporters on behalf of NZTE

For over a decade New Zealand Trade and Enterprise have partnered with us to deliver strategy support for their export customers (and applied the methodology themselves as a Govt. Agency). NZTE’s sole focus is to help companies grow bigger, better, faster – that’s exactly what we’re about too.

Allan Scott Wines story - 'The coolest little wine company in the world'

Feedback from recent events

"Jamie was the ideal mix between inspiring and pragmatic. He got the best out of us and took us well beyond where we would have landed unaccompanied. It wasn't just blue sky theorising - we got a hard set of real outcomes that will drive us forward"

Funding support available via Regional Business Partners

Your business might be eligible for up to $5,000 of funding to cover the costs of your strategy creation, through the Regional Business Partners network around New Zealand.

Inspiring Performance is a registered provider of strategy and leadership modules through the Network, and if your company has less than 100 staff, you could be eligible.

Note: To access support, you must first chat with your local Regional Business Partner. Get in touch by registering your business on the Regional Business Partners website. Or simply get in touch with us and we’ll help you through it.

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