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A proven and practical methodology.

Peak Performance began when a group of international CEOs and experienced Academics (including our very own Dr. Mike Pratt) asked why some organisations experience sustainable growth, while others don’t. Pretty good question, really. Their findings (back then and also in subsequent editions)  have been globally recognised and applied by thousands of organisations. We believe there is nothing so practical as great theory. That’s why Peak Performance and its five stages sit at the heart of what we do.

Feedback from recent events

“We got so much out of the two days. We believe this will be the tipping point for our business. Thanks again for your help”. Two-day strategy workshop, NZ

Three phases of the strategy-development process

These are typically done over three facilitated workshops. Each stage involves a small amount of pre-work, a facilitated workshop, and we’ll provide  the support you’ll need on either side with validation and implementation.  Here’s an overview of the first three steps.

  • Creating purpose & objectives
  • Converting purpose into a clear business model/s and plan
  • Embedding the strategy across the organisation

Smaller organisations often cover the process in less than three sessions, but first let’s chat about the complexity of your business and industry.

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We’ve worked alongside corporates, NFPs, local and central government agencies for the last 15 years. We love seeing our clients be the best that they can be, but we choose not to shout too loudly about our involvement. After all, they’ve done the hard work and deserve their success. We think that’s how it should be.

All of our strategy work is based on some very clear principles:

  • Co-creation from all levels of the business, not just a few at the top;
  • Customer-value being at the heart of everything;
  • Practical tools and down-to-earth language that everyone can relate to;
  • Metrics and dashboards that demonstrate customer value and progress – not just how busy you are; and,
  • Applying the strategy a sustained rhythm and knowing who’s responsible for which bit!

Helping New Zealand exporters on behalf of NZTE

For the last ten years  NZ Trade and Enterprise have used us to deliver Peak Performance Strategy to their export customers (and have even applied it as a Govt. Agency). NZTE’s sole focus is to help companies grow bigger, better, faster – that’s exactly what Peak Performance Strategy is all about.

Feedback from recent events

"Jamie was the ideal mix between inspiring and pragmatic. He got the best out of us and took us well beyond where we would have landed unaccompanied. It wasn't just blue sky theorising - we got a hard set of real outcomes that will drive us forward"

Start your Peak Performance journey now

If you want your organisation to be the best that it can be, give us a call and we’ll work with you to make it happen.

NZTE capability vouchers could make your strategy journey a little sweeter

Your business might be eligible for a NZTE Capability Development Voucher to cover the costs of your strategy creation, through the Regional Business Partners network around New Zealand.

Inspiring Performance is an accredited provider of strategy and leadership modules through the Network, and if your company has less than 50 staff, you could be entittled to up to NZD$5,000 worth of support per year.

Note: To access the Capability Development Vouchers you must first meet with your local Regional Business Partner. Get in touch by registering as a ‘New Business User’ on the Regional Business Partners website, or contact your local partner using the contact details on the NZTE website.

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