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Feedback from recent events

"Thank you for helping us achieve what we did. Jamie - your design and facilitation was a huge part of the conference success"

Using stories and insights from his adventures and strong business background, Jamie can  easily connect with audiences to shed light on how to take on the most demanding but rewarding goal in front of you, keep on course, and avoid losing heart along the way.

‘Performance Through People – the mindset and patterns of behaviour by successful teams’ (including bees!)

Here’s the footage from a TEDx event. I was tempted to take a jar of honey from the farm for everyone in the audience but I figured the airline would spot me trying to sneak a few hundred kilos onboard as hand luggage! 

Practical messages with inspiring insights

Jamie has helped teams and audiences around the world understand the principles of success, with practical ways to apply his insights. His specialist topics include:

  • The required mindset and process for achieving your greatest imaginable challenge
  • Getting the team rowing in the same direction, while embracing diversity and curiosity
  • Building resilience into a culture and learning from set-backs
  • Responses to change and dealing with ambiguity

A proven track record with groups of all sizes around the world

When you book a speaker you want the peace of mind that they’re going to deliver.

Jamie is recognised as a ‘Gold Elite’ speaker by New Zealand’s largest speaking bureau Celebrity Speakers, as well as Saxton in Australia. Give the Celebrity Speakers team a call on +64 (0)9 373 4177.

They can give you all the references you need about Jamie’s approach to making your event a success.

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Feedback from recent events

“I loved the work Jamie put in ahead of our event – it made my job as the event organiser so much easier. We’ll have him back over several sessions”

“Sometimes when you think you're making the least progress, you're actually making the most" - Jamie

To achieve in any field nowadays, you need to embrace goal setting, change, resilience and creating the right patterns of behaviour to get there. Jamie can  help you achieve your very own Inspiring Performance! He uses his stories and insights to entertain, inspire and provide practical skills to help you and your team achieve more.

Why a trek to the South Pole can help your business

Keynote: "Getting people on the bus - or under it!"

Embracing change in an era where there’s no alternative.

When it comes to change (or dealing with tough times), people often feel like it’s being done ‘to them’. Understanding how people accept change, and the possible responses, could determine if you’ll even achieve what you wanted to in the first place.

Let’s talk about how this interactive session will help your people become more comfortable with understanding their own behaviour, and how to work with others.  

“Even though his experiences are extraordinary, it was easy for the audience to relate to him. Nothing was a problem for Jamie and that matched how we do things”
– Conference MC

“Brilliantly aligned to project management principles. The conference ended on a high. Thanks for your ability to understand the audience and professionalism in presenting with humility and humour”
– Closing keynote

“Jamie researched the audience really well. The range of his experiences meant he was able to speak to three different audiences in different styles”
– Facilitated / interactive session

"Jamie had the perfect balance of experience, inspiration, practical tools and group interaction. The audience said he's the best we've ever had!"

Making history exciting - First Crossings & Intrepid NZ

For years, audiences around the world have enjoyed watching Jamie and co-host Kevin Biggar re-create pioneering trips from around New Zealand.

The stories and lessons from these trips inspire audiences to re-think what how they approach innovation, teamwork, resilience and communication. Wearing hobnail boots to the office, though, is optional!

Funding support available via Regional Business Partners

Your business might be eligible for up to 100% funding to cover the costs of your strategy creation, through the Regional Business Partners network around New Zealand.

Inspiring Performance is an accredited provider of strategy and leadership modules through the Network, and if your company has less than 100 staff, you could be eligible to up to NZD$5,000 worth of support.

Note: To access the COVID19 (100% funded) or Capability Development (50% funded) support, you must first chat with your local Regional Business Partner. Get in touch by register your business on the Regional Business Partners website, or contact your local partner using the contact details on the NZTE website. Or simply get in touch with us and we’ll help you through it.

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