Jamie Fitzgerald is a world-class adventurer, motivational speaker and leadership development consultant, providing tools that will inspire you to achieve more.


As an engaging facilitator Jamie stimulates conversation, energizes delegates and provides an odyssey of fun and informative take home messages.

Putting transatlantic translation of strategic thinking and tactical planning into practical steps, Jamie designs his MC and facilitator roles around your objectives. While adding value to your sessions he ensures your speakers and discussion are the key to your event.

The focus is on results. Jamie begins by asking you what your vision for success is, and ensuring he fully understands your needs and situation. These create the heart of his design process and sets the agendas, sessions and themes for the workshop or conference.

Jamie's aim is not necessarily to identify and solve problems. It's to guide people to recognise issues and to create their own strategies and actions in order to navigate the challenges that face them. It's about performance through people, developing the attitudes that lead to success.

Take a look at the examples to see some of the areas that Jamie has helped others with.


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