Jamie Fitzgerald is a world-class adventurer, motivational speaker and leadership development consultant, providing tools that will inspire you to achieve more.

Motivational Speaker

Just like an adventure, everyone experiences the journey differently. As a motivational speaker, Jamie challenges and inspires your audience to conquer their quests.

A keynote speaker should be entertaining. That's the very minimum you should expect. A good keynote though should be informative, thought provoking, and motivational too. And an excellent one should leave your audience connecting what they have learnt with the role they play within your organisation - whether they inspire or aspire.

Jamie's adventures provide the perfect backdrop for these ‘messages in action.' He uses interactive presentations to engage your audience and inspire them to think beyond their comfort zones. He introduces tips and tools to deal with challenges and he highlights the benefits of positive approaches to success, rather than just traditional problem solving.

The main theme running through any of Jamie's work is that performance is achieved through people. The result is that anyone in the audience - leaders, team members, support staff and the front line ‘rock stars' will take away valuable insights that are applicable straight away in their own jobs. And the best bit? People believe Jamie because not only can he talk the talk, through his campaigns he's demonstrated that he also walks the walk.  

If you'd like Jamie to bring the business of adventure to create adventure in your business, please contact us.

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