Are you as gripped as we are at Inspiring Performance with the America’s Cup? We’re loving supporting the Emirates Team New Zealand boys and watching the racing excitement each morning while eating our weetbix.

Looking back since New Zealand entered its first America’s cup in 1995 and white washed Dennis Connor’s Team America, so much has changed. The boats, the series and the mental and physical challenges the teams are put through have increased two fold.

Throughout the Loui Vuitton Cup finals, ETNZ inspired me by their attitude and commitment – despite a few set backs. Their nose dive at 40 knots which ended with Rob and Chris overboard searching for some San Francisco sea life left us at home with our hearts in our mouths, but as a team they’ve continued to commit themselves to push the boundaries and search for new performance limits of their boat – despite an ocean of difference between them and their competition.

Here’s a blog I wrote a while back about bounding back from disappointment. Bouncing back from challenges and disappointment is not always easy, however if we regroup get over our anger, accept what has happened, find new strength, set new goals and aim for the new prize, success is achievable. In many ways, we should all take our hats off to Luna Rosa for their ability to shift focus from their own success, to now supporting ETNZ in their fight against Oracle starting on 7 September.

A great mate of mine, Bergs (Chris McAsey) is on board ETNZ, so we’ll be screaming out our support to him, his family that have been supporting their cause for these last few years, and the rest of the fellas as the big one starts.

The only thing better that them winning, will be to hear Pete Montgomery say those unforgettable words “The America’s Cup is now New Zealand’s cup”!

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