Around the country, Regional Business Partners (RBP) have set aside significant funds to support businesses impacted by COVID-19 during these tough times, and to fully-fund* business advisory services. 

What’s on offer? 

We’re helping business leaders and owners recover or pivot their business and thrive again. Our funded advice and support is customised for you, related to these four areas. Further details on each below or download an overview.  

  1. Business pulse-check – Review your business performance pre COVID-19 and now. 
  2. Business continuity planning (incl. business / operating models) – Creating and delivering customer value through and beyond COVID-19. 
  3. Financial & cash models – Knowing you can fund your way into the future. 
  4. Wellbeing & resilience – Helping people be the best they can be. 

This is where we come in Jamie. For 15 years Inspiring Performance has supported hundreds of businesses and government agencies achieve more during good times and bad by having future-focused business and operating models, clarity of their top challenges, and the plans and inspiration to overcome them. 

This funded support can be delivered using a combination of Zoom, telephone, online metrics and tools. We’ll make it work for you.  


You’re eligible if you:
– Have fewer than 50 full-time equivalent employees
– Have registered for GST in New Zealand

* As per RBP guidelines, the support you receive could be 100% funded – ranging between $1000-5000+GST.

Click here to learn more, or contact us to get going or find your nearest Regional Business Partner. Let’s help you stabilise the present and create your future. 

1. Business pulse check – Review business performance pre COVID-19 and now. 

We’ll help you answer:
– What are the implications and relevance of your purpose, values and objectives?
– What are the top challenges?  
– Where are the opportunities? Who are the key people? 
Outcome: Rapidly benchmark current state and top challenges in a changing environment. 

2. Business continuity planning (& operating model) – Creating and delivering customer value through COVID-19.

We’ll help you:
– Review current BCP or to develop a simple new one
– Determine your target operating model, including: Governance & decision rights Organisation design; Systems & data management; Communications; Customer value-delivery; People & HR.
– Develop recovery strategies, and plan for each Government Alert Level. 
Outcome: The ability to operate with greater confidence and make ‘choices’.

3. Financial & cash models – Knowing you can fund your way into the future 

We’ll help you:
– Build a financial model that will explain likely cash flows based on your assumptions about alternative future scenarios
– Develop cash and working capital budgets  
– Review debtor, creditor and inventory management to enhance cash flow
– Consider ways of enhancing sales margins and/or reducing overheads
– Identify the potential for cash shortfalls and how to avoid them, and
– Understand how to consider alternative financing options. 
Outcome: Visibility and control over liquidity and cash flow.

4. Wellbeing & resilience (incl. HR) – Helping people be the best they can be 

We’ll help you:
– Understand what enhances people’s wellbeing and what erodes it
– Apply remote working best practices 
– Share and embed tools for collaboration, efficiency and autonomy 
– Develop a Personal Purpose (as a leader) to enable you to understand what is really important to you and what you stand for. We might also be able to help you provide this benefit to your staff, andBuild a plan to enhance your personal and organisational resilience.
[Note: this module not intended to replace detailed legal advice for employment agreements or contracts]   
Outcome: A workforce with the mindset and inspiration to achieve more within the business, or their own future if made redundant. 
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