It’s the Voldermort of competitive sporting events and we must not speak its name for legal reasons, but you can’t help but notice just how good our rowers are performing at the rings related competition in the capital of England.

Nathan Cohen and Joseph Sullivan stormed from fifth position to take the Gold in the double scull. And not just by a whisker either. Then there are bronze medal winners Juliette Haigh and Rebecca Scown who were only narrowly pipped at the line by the women’s pair from across the ditch. Powerhouses Hamish Bond and Eric Murray (world record breakers in their heat) weren’t challenged by anyone in their semi-final heat and neither was Mahe Drysdale. Finally Storm Uru and Peter Taylor will row for medals on

Maybe it’s because I have a rowing background, but I’m just amazed at how good us Kiwis are at rowing. When you think about it, why is that? Other countries have water, boats, and in many cases millions more people to select from.

Personally, I think it has a lot to do with the fact that we train harder than anyone else. More than any other country, we have the perfect balance between passion, lifestyle choice, as well as the science and share bloody hard work.

It’s like in economics or government departments or in any business, you have different levers to pull on, but it is getting the balance right that is tricky

Perhaps more importantly still, New Zealand has a great philosophy. We are investing in the right people. Take Eric Murray, we have given him everything he needs to row – yes, he is the top tier, but close on his oars are more rowers who are also well supported, providing depth to the team.

In business, developing the right culture is key. Karapiro, the rowing heart of New Zealand, is the same. Both create inspiring performance through people. By creating a community, the focus is not just on the sport, it’s a way of life. Every decision is made by answering the question “will this make the boat go faster?”. They live and breathe

Of all the decisions and actions you make today, how many are getting you closer to your goal and which are slowing you down?

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